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Most wanted: Mediterranean landscapes for 2024

The Mediterranean garden trend is hot for 2024, with predictions from the Behaviours Agency and garden experts that Greece, Spain and Italy will inspire next year’s outdoor spaces.

With Mediterranean inspired gardens leaning towards neutral colours in warm tones, simple rustic design and drought-proof natural materials, discover the landscaping results customers want and help them get the look.

What are the essentials in a Mediterranean garden?

Soft colours

Set the tone with soft colours – white, beige and cream – think Alaskan Mix, Classic White or Autumn Gold chippings – and more adventurous splashes of pink and blue from our Candy Fusion pebbles.

Warm-toned paving

Natural Sandstone paving slabs are ideal for creating a rustic landscape.

Ashford Paving with a riven texture is a great choice for a must-have patio – no Mediterranean garden is complete without a seating space to soak up the sun.

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Gravel in place of a lawn

Mediterranean gardens are traditionally drought friendly and replacing a lawn with gravel is easy to keep tidy and saves water too.

Kelkay chippings are ideal for meandering paths, walkways and drives; Classic white and Cotswold Stone complete a softly coloured landscape.

Use the Kelkay aggregate calculator to help customers work out exactly how much stone they need for their space – don’t forget to add extra for topping up in the future.

All of our decorative aggregates are available for home delivery in 2024, so it’s easy to help customers get everything they need with just one visit to store.

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Inspiration from the RHS website.

Simple and elegant design

Simple shapes and clearly zoned areas make Mediterranean style gardens feel neat, but colours and textures keep things from feeling too new – gardeners can use edging in a soft colour and classic shape to separate stones from plant beds.

Pebbles and cobbles

First used as the earliest type of pavement and now a great way to add texture, contrast, rockeries and mosaic patterns.

As part of the Kelkay decorative aggregate range pebbles and cobbles are also available for free home delivery next year – meaning customers can place their order in your store, and Kelkay will deliver direct to their home.

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