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Customer trend watch: gravel gardens for 2024

Trend prediction: gardeners will be embracing gravel gardens next season. Help customers create their perfect gravel garden with a few top tips.

Over on the Garden Design website, gravel gardens are predicted to take off with gardeners in 2024 thanks to their low maintenance beauty.

The article cites Beth Chatto on her famous gravel garden idea: that plants could survive in seemingly harsh conditions, planted in gravel and never watered.

So how does a gravel garden work?

Instead of using soil, the garden bed is creating using gravel, with carefully chosen species planted throughout for a low-water and low-maintenance landscaping solution.

Plants with roots that grow deep down and can withstand drought are ideal. As summers get hotter, a gravel garden is a sustainable choice requiring less water.

What do customers need for their gravel garden?

Chipping size aggregates are ideal for spreading over existing ground to a depth of about 10cm. Potted plants are then planted near the top of the ground and surrounded by the stones, and left to thrive.

What are the benefits of a gravel garden?

Fewer weeds

Less soil means less weeds, and the ones that do get through are easy to find near the plants that are supposed to be there – making them easy to pull out.

Less maintenance

Planting in a gravel garden creates slow growth with deep roots, making them more compact and less likely to need staking, dividing, fertilising or watering.

No root rot

Gravel drains much faster than soil – so no wet roots to worry about.

Help customers get it right

Help customers prep for their dream gravel garden with beautiful aggregates.

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