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How does Kelkay home delivery work?

Did you know that Kelkay retailers can now offer home delivery on aggregates, paving and wooden products, with no additional overheads?

We’re making it easier to sell Kelkay products.

With the expanded home delivery range from Kelkay, retailers can offer an extended range of products and improved margin opportunity with no need to hold the stock.

That makes it much easier to offer gardeners what they need for projects of any size and enjoy the extra cash return on the spot.

You make the sale; we deliver.

What’s available for home delivery?

  • Bulk bag aggregates
  • Paving lines
  • Woodshaw lines

Bulk bags: Bulk bag aggregates are popular with consumers working on larger projects but are difficult to get home and tricky for retailers to supply in bulk. With bulk bag sales, retailers make larger sales with a healthy margin and delight customers too.

Paving lines: Paving lines are sold as full pallet project packs, ideal for customers with a garden project in mind. Much like bulk bag aggregates, they’re hard to supply directly from a garden centre but offer a strong sales opportunity.

Woodshaw: Bulky wooden garden items are popular but difficult for most garden centre customers to buy and take home the same day. With home delivery, make it easy for customers by making the sale and arranging delivery through Kelkay.

With bulk bags, paving and Woodshaw now available for delivery direct to home, it’s easier than ever to make this high-basket-spend sale.

Why make home delivery available?

There’s a huge opportunity to help customers complete larger scale projects if they can get the material they need delivered to their door.

With home delivery, retailers don’t need to hold stock to help customers get what they need – this can all be made available with our well-designed point of sale units.

The ease of delivery also promotes increased basket spend.

How does Kelkay home delivery work?

Just display your Kelkay home delivery point of sale unit so customers can see the deals on offer, and be prepared to explain how it works. For home delivery, there are some recommendations for making a safe delivery.

Take payment for the customer’s order as usual, then get in touch with us at Kelkay to let us know what they need. We’ll take it from there and complete the transaction with home delivery.

If you’re interested in making aggregates, paving and wooden furniture available on a home delivery basis, contact your usual AMES Companies sales manager today – they’ll make it happen.

Not an AMES Companies customer yet? No problem – register your interest today and the team will be in touch.

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