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Using POS to sell Woodshaw with home delivery fulfilment

Did you know that for 2024, the full Woodshaw garden furniture range will be available for delivery to customers homes?

In a move to make selling our products even easier, the Woodshaw range will be available for retailers to sell in store through a point of sale unit only, with fulfilment by Kelkay direct to a home address.

POS support in store

We know that display space can be tight in store, so clever point of sale solutions will promote all the key messages for customers, without the initial stock outlay for retailers.

High quality Woodshaw signage makes it simple to maximise sales from even the smallest footprints.

Customers can browse the range in store using the point of sale display, or view online at the Kelkay website. On deciding, the customer can make their purchase in store and the retailer can process the sale as normal through their till.

Placing a Woodshaw order with Kelkay customer service

For retailers, it’s easy to take a Woodshaw order for home delivery from season 2024, even if you don’t hold stock.

Process the sale through the till as normal, then contact Kelkay customer service to let us know what your customer needs and when.

From there, it’s up to us to process the order and make the delivery.

How to make Woodshaw home delivery available

You can plan now to make Woodshaw home delivery available in your retail space for 2024 by contacting your usual AMES Companies sales manager.

They’ll give you all the details and arrange the 2024 delivery of your new Woodshaw home delivery point of sale.

If you’re looking to maximise sales in a small footprint, don’t forget that Kelkay aggregates and paving are also now available for home delivery.

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