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Increase basket spend with horticultural grit  

Horticultural grit is a fantastic multi-use product for your shelves this summer and a great addition to a gardeners shed. Stock it alongside plants and soil to encourage increased basket spend in your store. Here are 3 ways Horticultural Alpine Grit can help gardeners this season: it’s an ideal product for alpine and rock gardens, it promotes healthy soil and helps to deter pesky slugs.  

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Great for alpine gardens 

Alpine grit is a versatile tool for alpine and rock gardeners: it can be used to top flower beds, which will provide support to alpine plants that need dry conditions to thrive.   

Promotes healthy soil 

Horticultural Alpine Grit can be mixed into soil to create air pockets, in turn improving drainage and preventing plants or young seedlings from becoming waterlogged. It’s ideal for use in beds and containers.  

Helps deter slugs 

Although tough to eliminate entirely, slugs hate harsh textures such as grit, making it a fantastic deterrent for the plant eating blighters. A generous covering of alpine grit to troubled areas of the garden will make a difference.   

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