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Milestone make home delivery an option with Woodshaw 

Home delivery is making wooden furniture sales even easier for the wonderful team at Milestone Garden Centre in Melrose. They’ve prepped for peak trading with the introduction of a new home delivery service for wooden seating, arbours, shelters and more. Find out what benefits Milestone are enjoying with their new service: they have 16 products available to order easily, with a seamless customer journey and little retail footprint required.  

Offer the full range of Woodshaw products to your customers with no extra retail space – contact your usual Sales Manager to take advantage of Woodshaw’s Home Delivery service today! 

One product instore – sell 16  

Wooden seating and picnic benches take up space – that’s why it’s now easier than ever for garden retailers to offer a wide selection of products instore, without needing extra footprint to store and display these products.  

Milestone have the Tansley Storage Arbour available in store, so shoppers can get a feel for the quality and craftsmanship of Woodshaw wooden seating products – and can view the full range on the branded point-of-sale stand attached to the arbour.  

Smooth customer journey 

To keep things simple, ordering Woodshaw products for home delivery is complete in four steps. Milestone Garden Centre have a seamless process instore for customers: 

  1. Customer chooses their Woodshaw product using in-store point of sale  
  1. Customer heads to the till to make payment  
  1. Retailer sends the order to Woodshaw  
  1. Woodshaw deliver to home within 10 working days 

Contact your Sales Manager to place your Woodshaw order. 

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