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Decorative stones – what’s the deal? 

As consumers are preparing their gardens for Spring, many will be thinking about the plants, pots and even pot toppers that they’ll be buying this year. Here we answer frequently asked questions about pot toppers: they’re a range of materials such as pebbles or stones, that are useful as well as decorative!  

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What are pot toppers? 

Pot toppers are decorative stones that sit in pots. They’re used to beautify plant pots and they also have a functional use: they help with water drainage and hold moisture in the pot. They can also be added to borders and flower beds. 

Kelkay pot toppers come in a range of textures, colours and sizes – examples include pebbles, slate, stones or chippings.  

What are the benefits of pot toppers?  

Pot toppers can be mixed in the pot with soil to provide a drainage system for the plant. Add decorative stones to the top of pots to protect the plant from frost during winter.  

Decorative stones can also be used to create a striking look in the garden – a range of products can be added to plant pots, borders or flower beds to suit the desired style.  

Top up basket spend with Pot Topper cross-selling placement 

Presented in small handy-packs, Pot Toppers offer an ideal cross-selling opportunity for customers picking up extras on aisle-ends and by the till. 

The best place to display pot toppers is in your plant pot section. Show shoppers what they could achieve at home – prepare a selection of pots with seasonal plants and pot toppers to create an inspiring and educational display.  

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