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How do you maintain a gravel driveway?

A gravel driveway is a beautiful and sustainable way to keep a front driveway looking timelessly neat and tidy – and the good news is it doesn’t take a lot of maintenance.

Once the gravel driveway is down, it should be easy to keep it looking clean and fresh with just a little bit of care and attention throughout the year.

Here are Kelkay’s 6 top tips for keeping up a gravel driveway’s kerb appeal.

  1. Buy extra bags

    Gravel driveways are low maintenance, but not infallible. Chances are that eventually, potholes or uneven patches will need filling up so we highly recommend adding a couple of extra bags to the original order for any design using decorative aggregates. Put them away in the shed, and it’s easy to top up without making a new order or trying to find the same product years later.

  2. Use a gentle cleaning detergent

    Stubborn dirt and stains might call for a cleaning detergent – use something gentle to take out the marks and rinse down. If stains are really set in, you can scrub gently with a wire broom.

  3. Rinse at low pressure

    Rinse gravel or chippings with a hose or pressure washer, but we recommend keeping the pressure low to avoid sending stones scattering. It’s a good idea to use gloves and goggles just in case.

  4. Rake regularly

    A regular once over with a wide rake is a great way to keep a gravel driveway neat and tidy. Keeping on top of it means leaves, dirt and debris can’t build up, especially during autumn and winter – and it’s a good opportunity to even out the stones. Make sure stones are slightly more built up in the middle of the driveway so water runs off to the sides.

  5. Get weeding

    There’s usually a weed membrane under a gravel driveway, but they do find a way – keep the area looking smart by pulling up the few that get through, and if you’re using a weed killer we recommend choosing one designed for paths and gravel.

  6. Fill up gaps

    If a gravel driveway is looking a bit shabby even after cleansing and raking, it likely just needs a top up. Over time gaps will appear – and that’s the time to dip into those extra bags to fill up patched that have thinned out. Spread the stones evenly, and compact down as much as possible.

    If the driveway is still looking tired, it’s easy to take off the stones and start again. Kelkay is the decorative aggregate specialist with chippings and slate ideal for creating a gravel driveway.

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